Intelligent Lighting -RGBCW Ladder LED


Our first idea is to developed a new ceiling lighting and wall lighting that can meet different lighting color for different environment but more intelligence .therefore ,We developed a completely new LED and own-designed frame system that redefine the ceiling light box for indoor lighting – RGBCW Illuminated ceiling light box and the wall mounted Illuminated light box with Smarty system .With multiple advantages , you can light up the lighting only what you desire by using our “Smart lighting  ” ,this  is ideal for integration of video into stage and set designs, interiors, custom set elements and more

Product features :

1:The KNX system can be integrated with equipment of various systems at the same time through serial port or network;


2, With an independent serial communication interface, docking protocol support KNX, standard Modbus RTU/TCP, BAC net/IP, custom RS232/RS485TCP/IP or UDP

3, Can be integrated control background music, home theater and other equipment, can be integrated with conference/central control system /BA/BMS;

4, can be integrated with security alarm, access control system;

5, Logic function/timing function, support remote debugging and configuration;

6, Support voice control, built-in visual APP, with KNX IP Router function;

7, APP or remote control, suitable for IOS /Android/Windows and other systems;

8.0-100% dimmable control  or various changes;Control mode: 0-10V & 1-10V, DALI,DMX, etc.

9:Apply to office ,home ,cinema,hotel,shops,gallery,etc.


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