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ladder LED

Ladder LED Backlight is one of our  industry-leading backlighting technology. The Ladder is cost effetive and poweful back-light source . It is the most advanced and versatile lighting solution for illuminated signs, fabric displays, and general back-lighting applications. with virtually no size limitations and with the ability to customize illuminated displays to your exact needs, colors, and size . Each of the Ladder LED comes with hooks so they can be applied to a wide range of display .Whether you are planning to replace your existing LEDs or ready to start a new display project, our ladder LED will help you brighten up your day and night.

Our Ladder LED including programmbale ladder led ,Dynaminc ladder led , Dualwhite ladder led and the RGBCW ladder led .Contact us right now to find out more product info .

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Programmable light box with DMX512 programmable Led panel 

To create a stunning eye-catch fabric light box ,we designed this programmable light box .The idea is to make the LED blinking sequence re-programmable. This programming can be done with light and shadow,with the Programmable LED module panel programmed an animation image ,such as the burning fire ,shining star,flowing waters and sparking diamonds ,etc. Light box can be customize including color, speed, and brightness settings.

There are Different Lighting Illumination option such as white,dual white and RGB colored ,meets all kinds of lighting requirement.With virtually no size limitations design of programmable led panel combine with our own-designed light box frame,it can made the most flexible and technically-advanced light box.with all the multiple advantage ,the programmable light box provide the flexibility stunning aesthetics light box and achieve the creative light effect your desire.



Smart Ceiling Light  Box with RGBCW Ladder LED 

The new smart ceiling light , bringing you high-quality light with high light efficiency and high Color rendering index to restore the real sunlight and illuminate the colors of objects. Built-in ladder led with CRI 90,SDCM less than 3,with itself of excellent glare control,which can eliminate the shadows provide users with comfortable and natural sensory experience.The new smart ceiling light control system can be integrated control background music, home theater and other equipment,conference and central control system of BA and BM;it can be APP remote control,control system can be use for IOS /Android/Windows and other systems,which provide a convenient and Intelligent experience to adjust the color temperature and provide perfect light according to the lighting requirements of different scenes such as office,hotel and retail.with fixed color or dual white and RGB to help reshape the lighting space and redefine the light you need.

It will be perfectly apply to retail shop,exhibition halls,galleries,hotels,offices,airports and other indoor public available in different size and can be customize in your requirement such as lumen and wattage.



Flexibible LED tape

Flexible LED tape is one of the most streamlined and cost effective LED sources currently available, it is a fantastic product that is being used more and more from small scale pieces to large commercial applications. The tape itself when switched on can be touched as it generates very little heat; even after a long continuous use it will still stay cool to the touch. This makes it a perfect lighting option and gives the option to install almost anywhere and a much safer option than other methods which could become safety hazards.

Being only 2mm thick, our extremely thin LED tape can be installed to even the smallest of spaces. With its own 3M self-adhesive backing, this allows for the simplest of applications to most smooth surfaces.

LED tapes main selling point and key attribute, is its efficiency; once installed, it will consume less electricity, yet still produce a powerful output. LED lighting statistically draws around 85% less electricity than the standard incandescent lighting. Alongside the main advantage of energy efficiency, is LED’s long life span, the flexible tape has a huge life expectancy making it the obvious choice for lights left on for many hours a day such as a retail environment.The benefits of installing flexible LED solutions can be simplified as getting more light, generating less heat, at a significantly lower cost.



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programmable LED

Waterproof  LED light box 

Durable but sIim, the waterproof system offers all advantages of common light boxes and more.

-Energy saving LED light source

– Our popular and extra bright light distribution board(LGP).easy to fix image by build  in snap frame

– The build in gas-lift will keep the door open for users to replace the image easily

– Perfect timeless design

– Extra strong & clear Polycarbonate

– Rubber seal to avoid water from entering extra long 5m cable

– Anti-rust lock

Standard color silver, other colors available.

Available in DIN A formats and customized sizes.

Stable individual packing for parcel delivery available

UL, CE and RoHS approved components

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ceiling light box with Ladder LED 

Ceiling light box with Dualwhite LED modules panel 

Frameless fabric light box  with ladder LED 

Double-sided light box with Edgelit LED strips 

Programmable light box  with DMX512  programmable Ladder LED 

Magframe LED light box with Laser engraving LGP

Frameless fabric  light box for shops

Frameless fabric  light box for shops

Frameless fabric  light box for shops